Euro-MIC Network Bulgaria

This website presents the participation of Bulgarian teams from the South-West University “Neofit Rilski” in Blagoevgrad and the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems “Acad. Evgeni Budevski” at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the COST Action CA20130 “European MIC Network – New paths for science, sustainability, and standards.

The main goal of this COST Action is to create a common MIC network in Europe (Euro-MIC), in collaboration with other non-European MIC experts, bringing together various stakeholders, aiming to achieve more sustainable, safe, and reliable MIC management practices and maintain infrastructure integrity.

Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) encompasses all types of material degradation caused or influenced by microorganisms. A wide range of materials can be affected by MIC, including metals, plastics, concrete, and others.

Preventing and controlling MIC pose serious challenges, requiring knowledge in various technical and scientific disciplines – from materials science, processes and equipment, microbiology, biochemistry, corrosion engineering, and industrial management, to appropriate activities for identifying root causes and developing measures to mitigate negative consequences.

A major challenge hindering progress in the research and control of MIC is the lack of free and synergistic collaboration/communication among scientists from different fields, as well as insufficient interaction between academia and industry. 

The tasks and activities within the 4-year COST Action are divided into 5 Working Groups (WGs), involving representatives from 33 countries and 90 institutions. The Bulgarian teams are involved in activities related to the tasks of:

  • WG1: Intersectoral connections
  • WG2: Development of MIC diagnostic technologies
  • WG3: Development of innovative technologies for MIC monitoring.


Prof. Yolina Hubenova, DSc, PhD

Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems “Acad. Evgeni Budevski” – BAS
Project Manager of Contract KP-06-COST/4/2022
Sofia, Bulgaria