COST Requirements for Reimbursement

As an official COST event, reimbursement of travel expenses will be available for the meeting in Bulgaria. For this purpose, a certain budget is planned according to the COST regulations.
However, this budget may not be exceeded, which is why not all participants can be promised reimbursement immediately.

COST Requirements for reimbursement (there are no exceptions possible):
  1. Have an e-COST profile at including bank details.

  2. You’ve got an invitation to the meeting and have accepted it within 2 weeks from receiving it. (The eCOST invitation is expected to be sent in mid February.)

  1. You’ve got the confirmation for reimbursement in the eCOST invitation.

  2. You’ve signed the attendance list each attended day of the meeting (face-to-face events) and/or you’re logged on the attendance log (for virtual and hybrid events) with name and country.

  1. Travel reimbursements can only be granted for on-site participation.

Please note that accepting/declining the invitation in the eCOST system is in addition to registering on the Local Organizer website. Both systems are mandatory!



The Confirmation for reimbursement follows the regulations which the Management Committee has agreed:
  1. Active participation in the Working Groups as well as in the activities during the meeting are a basic requirement. To implement this requirement, WG leaders will create lists of active WG members.

  1. Younger participants will be given priority for reimbursement of travel expenses. For this purpose, the COST definition of Young Researcher and Investigator (persons under 40 years of age) will be used.

  1. The long distance travel reimbursement will be limited to 350 Euro. Exceptions are possible but require a MC vote. (In order to keep travel costs low, COST suggests buying tickets at least 6 weeks before the event starts.)

  2. The Daily Allowance will be limited to 70% of the amount proposed by COST.

Participants who cannot be assured of reimbursement from the outset will be placed on a waiting list and may be moved up if funds remain. The grant holder asks you to fill in the reimbursement form in eCOST in a draft version as soon as the expenses are known.

Only in this way is it possible to calculate how much money is still available for others on the waiting list. 

If there are still open questions, please contact:

Yolina Hubenova ( or Mario Mitov ( as Local organizers regarding the meeting in Plovdiv itself, accommodation, social events, pre- registration on the local organizers’ website

Michelle Unger (michelle.unger@bam) regarding reimbursement, eCOST or general administrative questions.

Andrea Koerdt ( or Torben Lund Skovhus ( regarding content related questions.